The Stockdale Family Band

Sharing Bluegrass North of the Mason-Dixon Line

The Stockdale Family Band performs a combination of Bluegrass and Gospel with a touch of Appalachian music and comedy.  Father, Tim, and brothers Calvin, Charles, Jacob, and James often spend kitchen and farm chore time together singing their favorite songs and honing their harmonies.  

Their 5 piece band includes guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bass. Audiences find the Stockdale boys affection for people and enthusiasm for bluegrass music welcoming and infectious.

The family band has played for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, Pennyroyal Opera House, Ohio Valley Opry, community concerts, festivals, churches, parties, and schools. They have earned first place in 3 regional band contests and 2nd in a national “Youth in Bluegrass” band contest. Jacob is a Ohio State Fiddle Grand Champion.

With an entertaining and down-home style stage show, the Stockdales provide a bluegrass show that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Wife Swap ABC TV Reality Show

Fed up with city living and mass culture, Kathy (44) and Tim (47) Stockdale moved to Ohio to a 150-year-old farm to begin a new, wholesome life. They have given their boys life skills that include clog-dancing and raising their own vegetables and meat. The family band includes sons Calvin (19), Charles (16), Jacob (14), and James (11), who've signed a contract to show up on time to all their household chores or risk incurring a fine. Work is rewarded with tokens so the boys can buy something they want. Kathy home schools them and insists they adhere to wholesome values, untainted by modern culture. The boys have little or no interaction with the outside world, and dating is out of the question, including for Calvin, who is 19 at the time.

Kathy heads to Illinois, where Laurie (45) and John (52) Tonkovic live with their two children, Paul (21) and Meghan (17), plus Paul's girlfriend Samantha (21) and Meghan's boyfriend Hector (19). Kids at heart themselves, Laurie and John would rather be friends to their kids than parents. Laurie believes that kids learn best by living freely, so she lets them have 100+ people at their wild backyard parties, and allows the kids' girlfriends and boyfriends to live with them, albeit in separate rooms in the basement. The kids don't have jobs and are completely supported financially, including 21-year-old Paul, aka T-Vic, who aspires to be a rapper.

In the first week of the swap, Kathy observes a Tonkovic hip hop hoedown, is offended by Paul's explicit rap lyrics, and is appalled by the kids' complete financial dependence and John's non-parenting. Meanwhile, at the Stockdales', Laurie talks to the boys about their social isolation and to Tim about his stranglehold on their lives. In the second week, when the wives change the rules, Laurie introduces video games, TV and junk food, the band has to perform a rap song for real rappers and Calvin and Charles go on a date. Meanwhile, Kathy asks the Tonkovics to work on a farm to earn spending money, and brings in a priest in hopes of marrying Paul and Meghan to their partners.

At the end of the swap, when the couples are reunited, will Kathy chill and let Calvin and Charles go on a second date? Will Laurie adopt a more wholesome way of life and learn to be stricter over her kids?