The Stockdale Family Band

Sharing Bluegrass North of the Mason-Dixon Line

The Stockdale Family Band performs a combination of Bluegrass and Gospel with a touch of Appalachian music and comedy.  Father, Tim, and brothers Calvin, Charles, Jacob, and James often spend kitchen and farm chore time together singing their favorite songs and honing their harmonies.  

Their 5 piece band includes guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bass. Audiences find the Stockdale boys affection for people and enthusiasm for bluegrass music welcoming and infectious.

The family band has played for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, Pennyroyal Opera House, Ohio Valley Opry, community concerts, festivals, churches, parties, and schools. They have earned first place in 3 regional band contests and 2nd in a national “Youth in Bluegrass” band contest. Jacob is a Ohio State Fiddle Grand Champion.

With an entertaining and down-home style stage show, the Stockdales provide a bluegrass show that the whole family is sure to enjoy.


Calvin, big brother, is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing on the banjo. He often can be found in the quiet of the evening hour picking a guitar and singing a serene tune. He sings tenor harmony and lead vocals, while handily taking charge as the front man on stage. Calvin loves to entertain an audience and has a unique way of making it feel that he is singing just to you. Family and travel distance keep his stage appearances limited, but special. Fundraising for his alma mater, Hillsdale College, and being a husband and father is Calvin's other life. His favorite quotation is "Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously."  G. K.  Chesterton                                                                      


Charles in Charge is the driver in the band who keeps the music speed in overdrive. He has a keen ear for hearing harmony lines, as he sings bass harmony and lead vocals.  In the spirit of Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, Charles agrees that healthy competition brings out the best solo breaks in a bluegrass song and as well as the best hit in a ball game, the best lateral move in a wrestle, the best strategy in a chess game.... You get the picture. Since Charles began studying chemistry in graduate school, stage sightings of him have been scarce.  His brothers say that he just ran off scared of the competition.




Jacob is the man in the middle, who sees important things. His fiddle playing turns heads when he packs in awesome improvisational licks with the utmost finesse. He has built a foundation of fiddle playing that combines the best of both bluegrass and Ohio old-time fiddling styles, which is creating a unique sound for him. He has participated in several fiddle contests and has won numerous awards including State of Ohio Fiddle Grand Champion. He shares his knowledge and love for music with his students on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. He adds a great measure to the band with his compelling bass and tenor harmony vocals combined with his devotion to his instrument and attention to detail, he keeps the standard high for himself and the band. He is the farm animal's best friend and the ground hog's worst enemy.




As the youngest in the family, James has had his just reward now that he is the tallest in the family. With 12 years under his belt, whether he's laying down the line or leading the pack with the slap bass, James handles the upright bass with ease and finesse. Sharing front man duties , he is the one with the sparkle in his eye that can create excitement when he wants to on stage or off. He also enjoys playing guitar and open back banjo. James’ favorite past time is talking... listeners are optional.





Tim, father of the four brothers, is the anchor of the band. He plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. He began playing guitar and singing as a youth around the campfire and has delighted and amazed friends and family with his wide repertoire of songs. Tim can sing the blues, the high lonesome ballad or strum The Orange Blossom Special at great speed. Making good music with his sons on stage is a privilege for  which Tim is glad that he could take the time to develop.