The Stockdale Family Band

Sharing Bluegrass North of the Mason-Dixon Line

The Stockdale Family Band performs a combination of Bluegrass and Gospel with a touch of Appalachian music and comedy.  Father, Tim, and brothers Calvin, Charles, Jacob, and James often spend kitchen and farm chore time together singing their favorite songs and honing their harmonies.  

Their 5 piece band includes guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bass. Audiences find the Stockdale boys affection for people and enthusiasm for bluegrass music welcoming and infectious.

The family band has played for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, Pennyroyal Opera House, Ohio Valley Opry, community concerts, festivals, churches, parties, and schools. They have earned first place in 3 regional band contests and 2nd in a national “Youth in Bluegrass” band contest. Jacob is a Ohio State Fiddle Grand Champion.

With an entertaining and down-home style stage show, the Stockdales provide a bluegrass show that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

The Stockdale Family Farm

In 1999 our family moved from the city to the country to EAT CLOSE TO

THE LAND and TO REGAIN OUR HEALTH.  It meant everything to us to know how

our food was raised. If we could not raise it ourselves, we sourced the MOST PURE,

NUTRIENT DENSE products from local farmers and were delighted to find out that it

was also THE MOST FLAVORFUL.  Today the family enjoys gathering around the

 table when called to supper and it is with SINCERE THANKFULNESS that we ask for

 God’s blessing. Our family enjoys the highest quality meats and we are please to

make them  available to you.


The Stockdale Family Farm provides GRASSFED BEEF and PASTURED PORK.

100% GRASSFED BEEF that is WELL-FLESHED AND MARBLED.  This is not lean,

dry beef. You can expect VERY FLAVORFUL and JUICY cuts of beef.  PASTURED

 PORK that had NEVER KNOWN CONFINEMENT and always had ACCESS to 


and JUICY cuts of pork. Sold by the whole or half.


2016Beef and Pork pricing 

Fall harvest time is almost here and the Grassfed Beef Processing Day, Thurs. Oct. 20th, 2016 is fast approaching! There are limited number of beef available so, if you're interested, don't delay in placing your order.
Below is a bit of information that may be of help to you as you weigh the various advantages of purchasing your beef from the farm rather than the grocery store.

PURE AND HEALTHY: Our all-natural, strictly grassfed beef comes from healthy cows that have been humanely and conscientiously raised on well-managed pastures. Our calves transition naturally from their mother's milk to a diet that consists of a variety of clean, fresh grasses and legumes. They grow and fatten naturally on a diet entirely free of grain, GMOs, animal by-products, unknown feed additives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, wormers, vaccination and pesticides.

FARM FRESH AND CONVENIENT: Most of our customers order a year's supply of fall beef each year. All our beef is dry-aged and custom cut within 10 - 12 days from the day our cows leave the pasture. That's farm fresh! Each and every customer has the option of choosing their cut preferences and specifying the portion sizes that best fit the number of people in their family. Every package of every order is then cut, vacuum packed, labeled, and flash frozen. At pick-up (about 2 weeks after the cow arrives at the meat processor) your beef will be solidly frozen and tightly packed in cardboard boxes with handles for the trip home to your freezer. A year's worth of savings and convenience begin the day you fill your freezer with a year's supply of healthy choices for home-cooked meals!


GRASSFED BEEF  -  Live Weight (LWT)

 Whole – $2.36 /#LWT           Half - $2.50/#LWT             Split Halves (quarter) $2.70/#LWT

 Estimated Whole Live Weight (LWT) – @ 1150#


 The  next Hog Processing Day is in January 2017. There are limited number of hogs available so, if you're interested, don't delay in placing your order.

PASTURED PORK - Hanging Weight (HWT)

Whole - $3.00/#HWT             Half - $3.25/#HWT

 Estimated Whole Hanging Weight (HWT) – @ 280 - 300#


To find out more information please contact us here.